Bible Stumbling Blocks?

(I have edited this page a little from it's initial form.  Content is pretty much the same, just reworded a bit.)

This is sort of a "pet peeve" with me, been bothering me for years.

I'm pretty convinced that the Bible has been subtly corrupted, probably by the Enemy.  Well, OK, corrupted is too strong a word (this last sentence added after further reflection.)  But at least it appears that stumbling blocks have been introduced for us. They are very hard to see, unless you think about it carefully, because it is not the message of the Bible which as been affected (since that is impossible.)  It is a very subtle distraction that drives people down paths that can be misleading by narrowing their focus too much, jumping around too much, or by making them stop reading when they find the answer they want.

Scandalous!,  you say. An Heretic!

Where is this supposed corruption?

Let me challenge you this, then: Find chapter and verse numbers in the original texts.  If you can, let me know, and I will post a full retraction along with your proof, as well as humbly eat crow and change my opinion.

Why do I think this is a stumbling block?

Because it encourages people to memorize and quote only the sections of the Bible they want, making them sound all-knowledgeable because they can give "Chapter and Verse" (although it may be the only one they know.)  Thus, the old Non-Believer claim of, "You can make the Bible say anything you want," is also facilitated by this unscrupulous "Verse Throwing."   Many devout, well-meaning, yet not so scholarly, Believers, knowing in their hearts that the Bible is the Word of God, can (and do) get easily sent down false paths by this tactic as well.

Added: These stumbling blocks are easily overcome, but it requires sincere and dedicated effort.  We should strive--no, that's too weak.  We MUST--make time every day to read, no, to contemplate the scriptures (ref. Acts 17:11Ps 1:2Josh 1:8) in it's entirety, from start to finish--even if we can only do so for a few minutes every day.

But enough digressing.  Let me know what you think.

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